Events: TCAF

It's heeerrreeee. Making this post a bit too close for comfort, but I was waiting for all the details to arrive (and they finally have). As mentioned several times over the past couple months (time really flies), I'll be exhibiting at TCAF this year. TCAF is this weekend from May 14-15 at the Toronto Reference Library. Entrance is free, so the more the merrier. My table is 263, and I'll be on the 2nd floor. You can find me here (where the lil' yellow rectangle is):

Some things:

My first solo comic Lotus will be premiering at TCAF for $10 a pop.

I will also have the second print run of Scrap available for purchase, which goes for $10 too.

In addition I have another print run of So you Want to be a Hero, available for $4. The very last copies of All Dolled Up and Apple Darling will be available for purchase. All Dolled Up and Apple Darling are being phased out, so get your copies while you can.

Also available:

  • Sticker packs for $2 a pop! I will also have my standard 11x17 prints for sale (although in smaller quantities). As always, the going price is 1 for $15, 2 for $25, and 3 for $30.

For those of you looking for a primer on what you can find at TCAF, you can check out their programming list here. A list of vendors can be found here, and I'd totally recommend looking at both. TCAF has a lot of interesting events going on this year - among them Comics VS Games - and since entrance to the exhibit is free, it's definitely worth your while to investigate.

Hope to see you all there!