Recap: TCAF 2016

Before I get into my recap of the event, I just wanna say that TCAF was a blast.

No, for real. I've done other conventions before - and I've been going as a visitor to TCAF for years - but this was the first time that I'd tabled there as an exhibitor, and I've got to say it was by far the best convention experience I've ever had. I'm honestly a lil' bit shocked by how much I enjoyed it.

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Events: TCAF

It's heeerrreeee. Making this post a bit too close for comfort, but I was waiting for all the details to arrive (and they finally have). As mentioned several times over the past couple months (time really flies), I'll be exhibiting at TCAF this year. TCAF is this weekend from May 14-15 at the Toronto Reference Library. Entrance is free, so the more the merrier. My table is 263, and I'll be on the 2nd floor. 

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Events: Toronto Comicon 2016

Got some exciting news about upcoming events and products this month!

As mentioned previously, I will be at Toronto Comicon from March 18 - 20 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. I will be selling comics and prints in the Artist Alley section of the convention, and my table is A125. The second print run of Scrap - a comic collaboration done in partnership with Zoe Maxine - will be available for purchase!

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