I’m open to private commissions! If you’re looking to commission a personal illustration, please see my rates below.


Payment: Paypal ONLY

*All prices are listed in Canadian dollars. If you want to see an estimate on what each commission will cost in your own currency, please check out this currency converter here.

PLEASE NOTE: This link is just to provide an estimate. Currency conversions are done by Paypal at the current conversion rate when you make your purchase.


Black/White Head: $30.00 CND

Black/White Full Body: $40.00 CND

To add an additional head per image: $10.00 CND

To add an additional full body per image: $20.00 CND

To add a background: $25.00 CND



1 Full-Color, Full-Body Character + Blank Background: $100.00 CND

To add an additional character per image: $30.00 CND



Full-Colour Image with 1 Character(s) + Rendered Background: $125.00 CND

To add an additional character per image: $30.00 CND



Web Banners: $125.00—$175.00 CND (depending on complexity)


Curious as to what my process looks like? I made a gif for that, so you can see how I illustrate from start to finish!



PLEASE USE THE CONTACT FORM BELOW. When reaching out please provide the following:

  • Your name

  • Your contact info

  • Type of Commission (i.e. Black/White Head, Colour Character)

  • Information on what you would like to have included in your commission

    • Please be as thorough (but concise) as possible when providing this info. Letting me know upfront what you want to see in your piece will help me figure out what you need with greater accuracy. It’ll also prevent a lot of back-and-forth-emailing, which is great. :)

If the commission is approved, 50% of payment is due upfront. The remaining 50% is due upon completion of illustration. Payment is via Paypal ONLY, and all fees must be paid in CND dollars. Once your deposit is received I’ll start to work on your image.

For colour commissions:

  • I provide a sketch of the composition prior to working on the colour. You can request 2-3 minor changes in the sketch (i.e. adding another compositional element to the background, slightly different hairstyle).

  • When the colour is complete, you can request 2-3 minor changes for the colour (i.e. different coloured dress, different colour for your flat background).

For black/white commissions, NO sketch/requests for modifications will be provided. You will be informed of the image’s completion when you receive the final piece.

Once the image is complete, a digital copy will be emailed to you in jpg/pdf format.

Current wait time for image completion is anywhere between 2-6 weeks.

I will only refund if:

  • I am unable to complete the image.

I will not draw:

  • Complicated cityscapes.

  • Hate-based, abusive, or discriminatory images.

  • Explicit sexual/adult content (i.e. porn).

I reserve the right to reject other content requests on a case-by-case basis.

PLEASE NOTE: Commission pricing applies to private commissions ONLY. If you’re a company seeking to hire an illustrator, or you’re interested in licensing, please email me at



Name *
Please select the type of illustration you wish to commission.
Please select the elements you would like to add to your commission (if any).
Please tell me what you what like to see in your commission (subject matter, colour schemes, dimensions, etc.)


  • All commissions must be paid 50% up-front. The remaining 50% must be paid within 30 days upon completion of image.

  • Payment must be made in CND (Canadian) dollars. If you are outside of Canada you are responsible for Paypal’s conversion fee.

  • The final product will be a full-res digital copy of the file in JPG and PDF format only.

  • Commissions are for personal, non-commercial use only. You may not resell the image or the rights attached to third parties, nor may you redistribute the commission in any form for monetary gain.

  • Derivative copies are forbidden. Under no circumstances may the watermark be removed. If the watermark is removed this will be considered a breach of the Terms and Conditions.

  • I retain the right not to disclose said commission on my social media platforms if I so choose.

  • I retain all rights to the commissioned artwork, and can use said artwork for reprints, archiving, promotion, etc.

  • Commissioned work may take longer to complete if there’s a waiting list.

  • Results of the artwork are subjective. I am not liable for images that do not meet your expected criteria.

  • I will only refund the commission if I am unable to complete the image.

  • You acknowledge the terms and conditions upon submission of your 50% deposit.